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  Residential   Industry Irrigation Treatment Fire Fighting


    Sumak Pump is manufacturing water pumps, also manufacturing coupled electrical motors and electrical control panels since 1992, within the consciousness of difficulty and sensitivity of working with opposite water and electric, all products are manufactured appropriate to international regulations and standards and certified with TSE-TSEK-CE-NFPA20 certificates.

   Sumak Pump submit the product groups of drainage submersible pumps, clean water submersible pumps, dirty water submersible pumps, septic submersible pumps, deep well submersible pumps, caisson wells submersible pumps, peripheral centrifugal pumps, stainless centrifugal pumps, jet centrifugal pumps, multi stage centrifugal pumps, horizontal and vertical multi stage pumps, end-suction pumps, gasoline-diesel motopumps, automatic pressure sets, booster sets and fire booster sets to the customers over 810 sales points and 175 authorized service network in the local market and export to 34 countries within continuous improvement quality policy.